International Edition Textbooks

Textbooks, especially college textbooks are no doubt to be expensive, even if you buy them used or pre-owned. In order to help our students to lessen their expenses in college, and to avoid them from availing high student loans, this article will give them an idea, on how to buy extremely affordable books for college, as compared to used US version textbooks, which are still relatively high in price.

International edition textbooks are books which happen to be printed out at a cheap price and allocated solely outside the US and Canada. These are generally more economical when compared with a few other textbooks not to mention could very well be a good alternative for budget-conscious people who need a specific book for school or college.

The international textbooks are intended to be sold outside the US and Canada, but this does not mean, that you cannot find them anywhere within the said countries, especially if you try to look for them online. The International edition textbooks are typically old school type of books, where you are likely to find them in soft paper backs only, and never in hardbound covers or CD’s, which normally comes in standard books these days.

When you find an International edition textbook within the US and Canada, you are likely to find warnings saying that the book is not to be sold anywhere in the said two countries. The government allows printing and publishing within the two countries, but selling it might have a corresponding punishment.

Nonetheless, International edition textbooks are never to be considered illegal. You can still purchase them, so long as you have purchased them from an overseas seller maybe online, or from a bookstore, which you have visited from your last vacation.

If you are interested to purchase International edition textbooks, your best bet is to buy them online, where it is easier to spot and find legit international sellers. If you are looking for a specific title for your International textbooks, all you have to do is to use a search engine, and type in the ISBN number of the book you are looking for. Each book may also come in different editions, so you might want to check further, which edition you are intending to buy.

Buying International edition textbooks can help you save up to a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 75% per book. However, if you are buying it online, make sure that you were able to consider the shipping rate and handling fee for the book, to make sure that you have saved money from the purchase. Furthermore, you may also want to consider the transit time of the International edition textbook before ordering.

Many consider buying International edition textbooks as compared to used US versions of the book. You just have to manage your expectations when purchasing the first.

To give you a quick guideline on what to expect from an International edition textbook, please refer to the following information below:

  • The pictures and content are printed in black and white only
  • The content may differ in spelling and terms used, as it is intended to be sold outside the US and Canada. For instance, the book may use British English as compared to American English.
  • The content that you can find from International edition textbooks might be a lot different when you compare it to the US version of it

If you are intending to use an International edition textbook in your class, always keep in mind to consider your professor’s preference when it comes to the book. The book you are looking to buy might not be appropriate for your class, and you might just end up being required to buy another book for your class.

Lastly, if you are looking to purchase International edition textbooks online, make sure that you are purchasing from a legit seller. Make sure that the seller will be able to give you the right edition that you need for your class, and that the seller is able to provide you with an approximate timeframe for the transit, so you can estimate the actual time your book will be delivered to you.

Cheap Textbooks For Sale

Are you looking for cheap textbooks for sale? Are you entering college soon, and you are trying to lessen your expenses, by finding cheap textbooks for college? If so, then you have come to the right page, wherein tips and guidelines on how to find affordable books are enumerated below, for your reference.

Second Hand Textbooks For College

The price of college textbooks has risen at double the price of the actual rising cost of living between 1986 and 2004 claims the Us Administration Accountability Agency. College tuition, as well as the other extracurricular fees amplified by 240% over the exact same period of time. College students are experiencing substantial sums of college student financial loan dues, just to meet up with these escalating expenses. Therefore, it is just necessary to shop for second-hand college textbooks. Shopping for second hand textbooks for college or cheap textbooks for college is a way to minimizing your college expenditure. Discovering where you can seek out second hand college textbooks, keeps you on the track to saving your money.

To help you find cheap books for sale, please check out the following information below:

  1. Most of the time, college student takes advantage of all possibilities just to earn extra cash to use for college. One way to do this, is to sell their old books, which they do not need for the next semester. Posts and advertisements for used or second-hand books are normally seen from the campus’ bulletin. If you are looking for cheap textbooks for sale to use for the current semester, checking out the bulletin for used textbooks will be your best bet to get your book at a very considerable price.
  2. Ask your friends if they are selling cheap textbooks for college, which they might have used previously. Your friends may also give you tips on where to find cheap books for sale, which they might have seen before you.
  3. Look at nearby used bookshops for cheap textbooks for sale. Used bookshops include considerably less expensive copies, as compared to ones offered at the campus bookstores. This runs specifically true for language courses. It may not be the scenario for some other courses, though. For example, classes with an intensive program, which includes science and technology, history, or perhaps economics, normally have textbooks that have been upgraded every couple of years or more. Therefore, an old publication may not be suitable for your actual course. Nevertheless, that all would depend further with your school and professor. The majority of textbook publishing stores around the country would probably modify textbooks by including or adding extra chapters, enclosures, and snap shots, without really modifying the content material of the textbook. No matter what study course you are taking, seek advice from your actual professor to decide whether old versions could still be considered in the classroom.
  4. Search the internet for previously owned college textbooks vendors. A large number of online sites are available, where it is possible to buy used college textbooks. Below are some examples of the sites that you can visit to check out cheap textbooks for sale. Please refer to the following information below:





ü  eBay

ü  Amazon

These are just some of the ways you can consider if you want to find cheap books for sale to lessen your expenses in college. Nonetheless, there are some factors that you should also consider when buying used textbooks. You should first get in touch with your college professor, and let him or her know that you intend to buy cheap textbooks for college. Ask the different editions you are allowed to use in class, so you will not end up buying another book the second time around, which defeats the purpose of buying affordable books. Remember, your grades and class standing will always rely on the information you will get from a book, so make sure that you will have everything that you need from the book you are intending to buy.

Lastly, if you are considering buying cheap books for sale online, you must always consider the condition of the book, by asking the seller.



Used Textbooks for Sale

Students go through a tough time trying to find textbooks at the most affordable price. The brand new editions of academic textbooks do not come cheap and therefore, not every student is capable of buying new textbooks each year. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on brand new books, you can also opt for used textbooks. In fact, used textbooks are no different from the brand new editions. By buying a used textbook, you are capable of acquiring the same quality education that a person using a new textbook would. All of these books are available at less than half its actual cost.

Numerous bookstores offer used textbooks for sale. Most of the stores, apart from offering you used textbooks at half the price also apply an additional discount on the same. This turns out to be an added bonus. However, if you intend to buy used textbooks from a traditional bookstore, make sure you do it well before your school or college reopens or else the books may soon go out of stock once the demands rise. However, to avoid such a situation, you can shop for these textbooks over Internet as well. The procedure of ordering used textbooks from an online store is much easier as compared to buying at a traditional store nearby. You just have to log on to the store’s website, fill up the order form and you will soon receive your textbooks.

Buying used textbooks does not just benefit the students alone but also the parents. Each year, parents need to bear the burden of buying academic textbooks for their children. Of course, college students who work may bear the burden themselves, but the ones studying in schools completely rely on their parents when it comes to buying textbooks. Used textbooks turn out to be a breath of fresh air.

By purchasing used textbooks, you also greatly contribute towards saving the planet earth. Generally, used textbooks that are no more in demand go through a recycling process that is completely environment friendly and therefore, no greenhouse gasses are released at the time of their production. Therefore, when you buy used textbooks, you do not just save your money, but also contribute towards making our planet a better place to live.

While selecting an online store, make sure you do a good amount of research, as most of these stores do promise to offer you cheap used textbooks for sale, but when you buy the textbooks, you realize you have paid more than what you should have. Therefore, before making any deals, compare the prices at multiple online stores. You can then select a store that offers the cheapest used textbooks for sale.

See to it that the textbook you have bought does not involve a huge shipping charge. Usually, most of the students order the books without inquiring about the shipping charges involved. In such cases, used textbooks may cost you what a new book would. Therefore, make sure you first inquire about any additional cost applicable and only then move on with the deal.


Buy Textbooks Online

Even today, most of the students prefer buying textbooks from a traditional book store nearby, as they are not yet completely aware of the benefits that one can avail on buying textbooks online. Academic textbooks these days do not come at cheap price. Students still somehow manage to find cheaper used textbooks. However, at an online store, one can surely hope to find the new editions of school and college textbooks at the most reasonable price. Given below are numerous other reasons why you need to buy textbooks online.

No Mediator Involved

When you buy textbooks online, you do not have to face retailers, wholesalers or distributors. You just have to place the order and you will soon receive your books. Moreover, numerous online bookstores these days allow you to download your desirable books. Make your payment, click on the download button. This indeed saves huge amount of time and money.

Easy and Convenient

You do not have to drive miles to get to the nearest store selling with school and college textbooks. Just log onto the website, fill up the order form and you will soon get it delivered right at your doorstep. You do not have to move from rack to rack to find a particular textbook like you do in a traditional store. Just enter the name of the textbook in the search box available on the website and it will soon display your book.

Comparatively Cheap

Online stores sell textbooks at a lower cost as compared to the traditional stores. Why is this so? Generally, traditional stores have numerous staff members helping you located the right book. Secondly, they also pay high rentals. Now, the only way they can take care of all this is by charging the customers a higher price. However, on the other hand, online stores do not employ a specific staff nor do they have to pay any rentals. As a result, you can surely hope to buy textbooks online at the most affordable cost.

Easy Availability of Textbooks

Textbooks at a traditional store may go out of stock soon after the schools and colleges start. However, this is not the case with online stores. In fact, textbooks at online stores do not go out of stock, as they are completely aware of the current demand. Therefore, you are sure to find a textbook of your choice at an online store.

Discount on used Textbooks

Not many people are aware of the fact that numerous online stores also offer a hefty discount on used textbooks. Obviously, you may not be able to find the latest edition, if you intend to buy a used textbook, but this makes no great difference.

Make sure you opt for a genuine online bookstore to be on the safer side. No doubt, most of the online stores these days claim to offer you textbooks at the least possible price. However, move forward with the deal only when you are sure about the store’s authenticity.

McGraw Hill Textbooks

Most people are aware about the success stories of McGraw Hill publishing house. Right from students to teachers as well as scientists, everyone is great admirer of McGraw hill textbooks. These textbooks provide a wholesome learning experience. You might have come across their range of textbooks. Interestingly, these textbook come at affordable prices. They are a boon for both students as well as teachers. Like most of the other publishers, they sell undergraduate textbooks for students across countries such as Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Moreover, each country has its own printing house.


McGraw Hill Textbooks are available under various categories such as business, medical, Information Technology, pure sciences and engineering. They also provide softcopies along with their books for easy readability. In substitution to hardbound paper copies, these textbooks are also available in e-book form, which are downloadable from Internet. In some technical books, where understanding over calculations and stimulations are indispensable, appropriate e-resources such as CD containing software are provided with the book. These special e-resource materials help in understanding the subject with the help of graphics and voice stimulation.


Apart from publishing textbooks, McGraw hill publications also publish self-study materials such as dictionaries, language-learning books, popular sciences, travel guidebooks and test preparation question papers. These extra books are non-curriculum based and often serve additional assistance to students. These books help in developing better understanding of the subject. Moreover, these supplementary books come at an affordable price. Technical books especially on engineering and pure sciences have range of supplementary books involving solved problems. These supplementary books in addition to McGraw hill textbooks help in developing problem solving skills among students. They make the subject more interesting and enjoyable. Such books are ideal for self-study purpose.


McGraw hill textbooks are easily available in countries subjected to their sale. Owing to popularity, leading bookstores maintain ready stocks of their popular textbooks. Further, the process of placing an order is easy as well. In addition, most of the printing and publishing is conducted on a regional basis. Thus, inland printing helps in generating easy availability of the books. This saves transportation cost on textbooks by further reducing their retail prices. Often, color printed hardbound copies are costlier than black and white textbooks. In-house publishing allows McGraw an unprecedented advantage over other foreign publishers. This is one of the prime reasons for the availability of hardbound copies of McGraw publishers at low prices.


To find cheap deals on McGraw hill textbooks, you can visit their website. You may search for special discounts. To find the best deals, always choose a leading bookseller that offers the lowest prices. Such stores sell textbooks at a wholesale price. If you need more than one title of the same publishing house, you can avail special discounts by purchasing the books directly from an official distributor. Most of the local booksellers are not aware about the special discounts. You may sign up for an online newsletter on McGraw hill’s official website for your country. This newsletter would provide substantial understanding on the various possible means for availing cheap and discounted McGraw Hill textbooks.