International Edition Textbooks

Textbooks, especially college textbooks are no doubt to be expensive, even if you buy them used or pre-owned. In order to help our students to lessen their expenses in college, and to avoid them from availing high student loans, this article will give them an idea, on how to buy extremely affordable books for college, as compared to used US version textbooks, which are still relatively high in price.

International edition textbooks are books which happen to be printed out at a cheap price and allocated solely outside the US and Canada. These are generally more economical when compared with a few other textbooks not to mention could very well be a good alternative for budget-conscious people who need a specific book for school or college.

The international textbooks are intended to be sold outside the US and Canada, but this does not mean, that you cannot find them anywhere within the said countries, especially if you try to look for them online. The International edition textbooks are typically old school type of books, where you are likely to find them in soft paper backs only, and never in hardbound covers or CD’s, which normally comes in standard books these days.

When you find an International edition textbook within the US and Canada, you are likely to find warnings saying that the book is not to be sold anywhere in the said two countries. The government allows printing and publishing within the two countries, but selling it might have a corresponding punishment.

Nonetheless, International edition textbooks are never to be considered illegal. You can still purchase them, so long as you have purchased them from an overseas seller maybe online, or from a bookstore, which you have visited from your last vacation.

If you are interested to purchase International edition textbooks, your best bet is to buy them online, where it is easier to spot and find legit international sellers. If you are looking for a specific title for your International textbooks, all you have to do is to use a search engine, and type in the ISBN number of the book you are looking for. Each book may also come in different editions, so you might want to check further, which edition you are intending to buy.

Buying International edition textbooks can help you save up to a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 75% per book. However, if you are buying it online, make sure that you were able to consider the shipping rate and handling fee for the book, to make sure that you have saved money from the purchase. Furthermore, you may also want to consider the transit time of the International edition textbook before ordering.

Many consider buying International edition textbooks as compared to used US versions of the book. You just have to manage your expectations when purchasing the first.

To give you a quick guideline on what to expect from an International edition textbook, please refer to the following information below:

  • The pictures and content are printed in black and white only
  • The content may differ in spelling and terms used, as it is intended to be sold outside the US and Canada. For instance, the book may use British English as compared to American English.
  • The content that you can find from International edition textbooks might be a lot different when you compare it to the US version of it

If you are intending to use an International edition textbook in your class, always keep in mind to consider your professor’s preference when it comes to the book. The book you are looking to buy might not be appropriate for your class, and you might just end up being required to buy another book for your class.

Lastly, if you are looking to purchase International edition textbooks online, make sure that you are purchasing from a legit seller. Make sure that the seller will be able to give you the right edition that you need for your class, and that the seller is able to provide you with an approximate timeframe for the transit, so you can estimate the actual time your book will be delivered to you.

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